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Who we are

Ethiopian Family Search is a full-service private searcher, experienced in all aspects of information research. We are located in Addis Ababa, but provide biological family searching services all over Ethiopia. We are not, and have never been affiliated with any adoption agency; we accomplish all of our work as a private intermediary service, who will find and trace the truth and obtain accurate information of your interest.

We have made many trips to the adopted children's villages of origin in Ethiopia. Our specialties include promoting contact between the adoptive family and the birth family, for seeking family reunions of the adoptees with their birthmothers, birthfathers, siblings, and other birth family. Ethiopian Family Search loves to keep in contact with our previous clients; over the years we have kept in touch with many of the families we have helped to search for the biological family and facilitated a reunion.

If you are interested in our birth family searching services, we will complete an evaluation of the adoption paperwork to determine the necessary information required to start a successful search. While we cannot guarantee that we will locate the biological family, we will provide a professional search for every client who will receive a detailed report of our results. Every search we conduct is very important to all of us. Even though we cannot guarantee every search will be successful, we can guarantee that we will complete the most comprehensive search possible with our searching expertise.

You can be confident that your case will be handled professionally, because we are committed to working tirelessly on your search as we examine all avenues to gather as much relevant information as possible to complete the family search. When a search has been initially not as successful as hoped, we have continued to search for years to gain the necessary information. Please click the TERMS AND CONDITION’S link and get more information about the search.