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What We Do

Dear adoptive parents,

We have established a service to help and support adoptive families with the search for biological families in Ethiopia. We have experience of undertaking searches on behalf of adoptive families and we help adoptive families to find the origins of their children, gathering all the information you need about them. Adoptive parents will provide a letter and photographs of the adopted child and family for the birth family; the letter and photographs of your family will help us with the search and to get the maximum amount of information from the birth family.

We can translate all the documents to Amharic and to other languages you may request and deliver them to the biological family. These documents may include letters, questions, etc.; later, we will send you the answers translated to English. We can also deliver any type of package we receive in Addis Ababa from you to the birth family. At the end of the process, we'll create a dossier of the information received, and we will commence a focused search to locate the birth family according to the geographic detail provided by the adoptive family, as well as photographs and video if available of the biological family and their environment.

On completion of the search we provide an ongoing method of communication with the birth family by offering postal service and phone number; all correspondence between adoptive family and birth family will be translated English to Amharic and Amharic to English. Do you want to travel to Ethiopia with your child/ children to meet the biological family? Would you like to tour their birth country? We can arrange all of the travel formalities in relation to your trip to Ethiopia. This includes: hotel booking, travel package, car rental, camping, or whatever you desire, through our travel agency Sador Ethiopia Tours. Please contact us and let us know the details of your interest.

These tasks are carried out with all the sensitivity and professionalism required for the treatment of such special personal circumstances, with secure care of personal data and contact details is fully respected. Search services for birth families is available entirely throughout Ethiopia.