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Pre-search requirements

Adoptive family or Adoptee only

Ethiopian Family Search Service, established to reunite with the birth families and make a healthy relationship with living members of immediate families, therefore enquiries are accepted for Adoptive families or Adoptees only. Both parties must be more than 18 years.

Required details

To conduct a search, we require full of information about the adoptee, where the child/children came from (the birth place of the child in Ethiopia), the biological families details information like full name, where they live,….if the adoptee is abandoned contact us direct and we will discuss details about your need and for any required you will get a free advising service about the search if possible or not.

Proof of relationship

In addition to the information you provide, it will be necessary to provide relevant documentation to prove your relationship to the person you seek, for example; Copies of documents, Letters, Photographs…


The cost will depend on the type of search you are conducting along with the situation. So searching prices can be arranged up on request.

Your personal data

Ethiopian Family Search will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information, these responsibilities are conceded out with all the sensitivity and professionalism required for the treatment of such special personal circumstances, with secure care of personal data and contact details is fully respected.


We’ll conduct a professional search to find the person you seek. At the end of our searching, you will receive a complete report containing all of our findings. When we locate a subject matter our report will contain their contact details, including their address and/or phone number. If we are unable to locate the subject, our report will list what steps were taken and why we were not able to successfully locate the subject.